“Joyful Noise”

Joy is the Holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow -Helen Keller

images-32 Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; a great rejoice! Well today I turned 32 and I’m rejoicing over another great year of life that God has brought me through on top of. I have been through the wilderness and back and all I can fathom is how great my life is even when the down comes my way. When you are truly happy “within” yourself and the glorious path set before you by God there is nothing that  can stop you, not even the oppressor the devil in whatever form he comes in.

images-29I’ve been singing “I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, hey….. down in my heart” since in my sleep last night and that’s how I truly feel being that blessed 32 today. Meeting my soulmate 2 years ago and us growing together along the way and building each up for the kingdom warms my soul to the depth of my being. We’ve been through a lot of things in our relationship from 3 months into it that if you would look at us you would think it could break us down and tear us apart. From death knocking at the door to our children being attacked in multiple ways. It could tarnish anyone’s spirit as it did ours. We chose to surrender it all to God and trust his will. Look around and tell me what you feel deep down inside and around you daily; because if none is JOY in the midst then let me be the first to say, that too shall pass!


We all have seasons in our lives that make or break us and from me to you lovely don’t let the oppressor break you down by any means. That can come in the form of lifestyle choices, friends, family, career, or anything that presses your spirit in the wrong or negative manner. Take back your joy, I DID! In ending this I want to encourage you to help pull the joy out of yourselves and others. There is fullness of joy in my presence and I put a claim on that. I pray this is a blessing to someone who needs a little joy on this lovely day.



Joy does not simply happen to us, We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday!


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