“Innate Beauty”

Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.- 1 Peter 3:4

I have a funny humbling story today. One about the beauty of “SELF”. If you are wondering what funny has to do with innate soon you will see what I mean and the meaning behind it all. I’ve always had a liking to all things Fashion, Beauty, or Hair. The past 3 years I’ve shed the liking to those things as my inner growth and mindset progresses and rapidly changes. As I sat back and realized that all my energy went into hair, beauty and fashion; I begin to lose myself in it in a vain way that was chipping away at my attitude, humbleness and even becoming a rude person at times. I had gotten to a place where I regarded myself as above others.


O but wait! I needed a slap in the face, or a thump on the head; and that is what I got out of life. Life ended up showing me what was more precious in life that I was on the verge of losing; my daughter and my dignity. Have you ever been in that type of place? Let’s be real…… We all have had instances where we would snug our nose at others if they were not to our liking or didn’t fit with our idea of beautiful; I’m humbly guilty of it for sure. I just turned 32 the other day on the 10th of January and I found myself surprised that I hadn’t touched a makeup bag or put on the flashy cosmetic jewelry just to “feel” like I’m somebody. Did you catch that I said “feel”? Feel is an expression from the inside, you experience a feel from an emotion or sensation of something. Well still today there are women who get a feel from the piling of makeup to the extreme to overshadow what they are still not ready to share openly. I say openly to say your flawless skin underneath that stunning makeup, or your beautiful hair braided down to your scalp under the sew in, and lastly even the beautiful curvy body God blessed you with.


Those overlooked aspects are overshadowed by the physical bearings of what you want others to see, instead of letting the inner beautiful soul catch the eye of those around you and embrace them and encouraging them to let their own beauty shine forth. Now don’t get me wrong I like a little makeup play here and there but never ever will I let that brush over what I have to offer from within to those around me. Now here is the humbling funny part; images-46On my birthday I wanted to play in my makeup bag and put a little spice in my life….. I got dressed up, did my hair and headed to the make-up bag for a little vibrancy. After I finished I went into my daughter’s room and she screamed and jumped on me smiling. She said mom you’re beautiful and pretty. She then told me that every once in awhile she likes seeing me “painted up” on special occasions. That lead me to ask “Do I need to do it more often?” Her response was no “you’re already pretty just once in awhile will do.” That warmed my heart to know she recognizes what’s within first and what’s on the outside second. Ultimately I only painted myself with ombre lips, eye shadow, eye liner and a dash of blush; that’s it, that’s all!

In ending I want to say share your “INNATE” beauty with everyone. Innate is considered to be inborn; or natural. Let your innate self show. Bring forth your intuitive,natural, unlearned self, the original you originating in your mind. Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul!


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