“God’s Masterpiece”

Isaiah 64:8 “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” God is boldly telling us that we are his workmanship, created in his son Christ Jesus for GOOD WORKS that only God himself ordained.”

images-62We are all created differently in his eyes. Created to be unique and to stand out boldly. God simply wants us to understand how to live and accept being fearfully and wonderfully made by the best. It took me awhile myself to grasp that very aspect. Being fearful of “what if I’m being too bold?”; “am I being gentle enough towards what God wants from me?”  Listen….. freeze! Take a deep breath and allow your ears to open up to the whispering of the holy spirit. He’s so gentle and he’s knows exactly what he wants from you specifically.


God makes you who you are. He gave you the talents you were born with. Your personality came from him, too. All the things that happen to you he uses to help you become the person he wants you to be. He also gives you some discipline and a lot if gentle leading. But God needs your cooperation. If you won’t listen to him or if you’re always complaining every time your life isn’t going the way you planned, then it’s going to take a long time for you to change. But if you let him do what he needs to do, the change will come quicker. That’s the key let him do it! You can make yourself more patient, more loving, or more thoughtful only by letting God change the way you think; but ask him to make the real change, that’s his job.


images-65In ending this memorandum, I encourage you all to open self and allow God to Work his Holy magic! I’m a firm believer and a witness to God amazing grace and mercy as well as his blessing’s of his covenant. We all are ordained with a specific or multiple gifts from our heavenly Father. Embrace and use them for the glory of the kingdom and edification of those that you serve around you. Have a blessed and wonderful day and please please please be a wonderful blessing to someone around you. Offer a hug, kind words of encouragement via text, note or email. God is love; and love is God. BE blessed and enjoy your blessing’s.


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