“Fruitful Parenting”

Good morning blessed children of God, You know when it comes to “fruitful parenting” you are given the task of a lifetime to parent and train your children in the ways they should behave in life. Does that come from self or a divine intervention? Simply put we need the intervention even so as parents growing still as well. That plausible divine intervention comes from God the Father himself! Yes you heard right…… Let’s take a closer look at the instruction that has been set before us as parents; and now we hold in our hand to teach and grow our young-ins. Above is a picture of my daughter at 2 years old with her praying hands; so upon taking pictures and telling her to pose whatever way she felt at that moment she chose to display what she see’s consistently which is praying! That my friends is what you call “A kid that copies what she see’s”.

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Deuteronomy 6:6-7 boldly tells us that in your heart you hold the instruction of God by unlearned and learned circumstances and situations. Teaching them to your children diligently and simply talking to them about the grace of God and the forgiveness and mercy he places over our lives daily. When you walk, lie down or rise up speaking about the grace of God your children are trained in the same manner because you were and that’s what you’re presently teaching them. Now what if you weren’t raised in that manner is it still possible to teach your children about God, being loving and compassionate in a way that attracts happiness and joy? Yes!

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Being kind, compassionate and helpful are ways that can teach your kids simple ways of orderly behavior. At times, even those sheer short behaviors are not receptive to our children and they may not take heed to the instruction that is taught and still act out, fall out or even break things. In those instances God leads us to break those yokes and pray over our children constantly. Learning to get to the root of the behavior increases the actual change in the child, all the while still changing the root of what is making the child behave in any way. Not insinuating that our children will never mess up or get into trouble but it teaches us as parents how to steer them head on as well as give them God’s promise of good tidings by being obedient to you as the parent and God.


I remember growing up with my grandma and grandpa and my grandma was away at church service one night while I stayed with my grandpa. Me being the inquisitive kid that I am wanted to play with the matches that was laying around in my grandparents room. Upon me playing with them; I dropped the lit match on the bed-quilt by accident causing a hole to burn into the quilt. Now, when it comes to discipline my grandparents were total opposites! My grandpa believed in a firm form of discipline where as my grandmother was lighter on the issue with a more Godly gentle approach to discipline. My grandpa was surely after putting a whipping to my backside; but my grandmother saved me with gentle words from God about being more obedient and why I shouldn’t do things of that nature.

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I encourage you to encourage your children in God, feed them scriptures of love, joy, obedience, confidence and perseverance. Isaiah 32:17 reads ‚ÄúThat goodness will bring peace and safety forever.” There are many constructive and diligent ways to discipline and train our children; finding those effective ways is where our divine intervention from God comes from and we listen to the whispering of his instruction to pass along to our growing children. While Proverbs 13:24 tells us “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” Be careful in disciplining them but spare no rod to them when needed. Correction is efficient for character growth and mannerism. God is our director in our lives so let him reign and allow you display fervent and fruitful parenting. Thank you all for reading this memorandum and I pray this is a blessing to someone and just a little more faith in how we parent our children. God bless and have a wonderful prosperous day! Toodles!


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