Hey lovelies, It has been awhile since I’ve been able to tap the keys on this computer because life still is a revolving door. Here I am on this lovely Saturday afternoon to give you a small message of “Love Language”. I pray this is a blessing and fun post to reflect on sensually for the adults! Enjoy & Crown your KING!

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One thing I have grown to know and grasp is “MEN LOVE BEING PAMPERED & SURPRISED TOO”. The king in him craves the love and affection us mature women have to offer. Mature in a way that your nurturing, sensual, passionate side desires free-willingly to love on him. Ladies, we as women expect for our men to always consistently #TriplePlay (Protect, Profess & Provide) but seem to forget that we are also responsible for giving them #TripleAction (Affirmation, Acknowledgement & Appreciation). It is our due-diligence to do our own work to maintain and affirm your love for him. I myself find comfort in pleasing the heart of my man in a way that speaks to the sensual soul beast that is in him. Through spoken word, Scriptures of affirmation, Manicures, Give him a head massage (no not that one), Give him a tension full body massage, Tackle one of his chores & Appreciation through flowers, cards, or his favorite candy will light the joy he holds. Both of you can smell the roses! Now that’s EDIFYING!

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When you find yourself pouring the love into your soulmate you find they are eagerly to show those 32 teeth God blessed them with, they will be more productive even in trials individually and collectively, they will always profess the love they share because you are openhearted to receiving. If a man feels he is not needed by you or there is no room to cater to you; there is no need to #TriplePlay you. Love is a gamble but love will treat you with the utmost respect if you allow it and exercise the love don’t just let it sit there. “LOVE WITHOUT WORK IS DEAD”.

images (77)      P. S. Light a few candles and drop a few petals and get a grip love!


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