Hi! I’m Hanesha Jones and welcome to my blog! I look forward to you reading and enjoying what God has simply put on my heart to share with each and everyone of you.

I’m currently a At-home Christian mom with a catering business and I’m in the process of writing my very first Christian based book. Born a Dallas, Tx native I’ve always had the passion to write poetry, write to God, write cute notes of encouragement to friends/family, or even God given scripture encouragements about an issue someone might be having. This “Seasoned” Christian journey is no easy one for myself as well as everyone of you. We all embrace and go through sometimes gentle and sometimes ruff transformations on our journey with God but with real and genuine love like his son Christ Jesus showed to everyone, God allows his mercy and grace to guide us into Salvation. I hope to create a fun, loving yet Jesus filled atmosphere to touch on subjects of all walks of life for all ages. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog, I love you all and enjoy!